Teresa Mcguire

I needed someone to full-time care for my 100 year old father and 82 year old husband for a period of over three weeks. My primary concern was consistency of care so I chose Sharon Ludlow. This avoided disruption of daily routines by having only one primary care giver on site not someone in every eight hours, the maximum allowed by the private company i had previously hired.

Because Sharon had an answer to all needs at any given time she adapted to the regimes of both clients, and in short order earned their trust. She has a compassionate, no nonsense approach to care giving. Being a retired Registered Nurse her background in medicine enables her to zero in on a problem, take care of it immediately whether by herself or through other practitioners, and bring everything back to normalcy in the end.

I left on my holiday knowing my men were in the best of care and returned without worrying about them at all. They in turn felt safe and well cared for while I was away.

I continued to retain Sharon for a few hours one to five times per week to give myself respite and time away with my husband. She was invaluable to my family during the last months of my fathers life.

And then there was Hurley, the dog. Ever watchful and never in the way, he was a calming influence within the household. My husband loves animals and took to Hurley immediately and my father just thought of him as another member of the family, along with our cats.

I would recommend Sharon to anyone who needs full time, short term care for a loved one. They will be left worry free and confident in her ability to assess, manage and maintain any situation that may arise.

Teresa McGuire

Victoria BC

Rebbeca Reynolds

Thank you again for caring for our mother during the most difficult days of life’s journey. Your experience, combined with your ability to sense and minister to her myriad of needs resulted in a level of care that we as family members could not have provided.

We value your professionalism and patience. The temperament of a bed-ridden patient can be both unpredictable and challenging, but you seemed unfazed by this.

Finally, your culinary flair was particularly appreciated. We are grateful. Thank you.

Rebecca Reynolds on behalf of Gwen’s family


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